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Posted by carlotta on Thursday November 30th, 2017 at 4:45pm

This is a rather momentous photo of the week for me because it is my 100th! You can see every one of those photos in a web gallery here and find the stories behind each one in my blog.

I am pleased that my 100th photo is of the Stephen Lawrence Trust Centre. The Centre was designed in 2007 as both a place of inspiration for young architects and a memorial to Stephen Lawrence, murdered in 1993 in an unprovoked racist attack when he was just 18. It had been Stephen’s dream to become an architect himself.

The Centre is currently undergoing a transformation, both of the physical interior of the building and as a change of use into a co-working hub for up-and-coming architects from disadvantaged backgrounds. I am very excited to be involved in documenting these changes. 

I first photographed the site in March. When I returned last week, I had a very different experience of the building. The altered angle and strength of the sun meant that as light filtered in through the exterior mesh cladding, it created a distinct pattern of shadows that played across the interior space. The effect was unexpected and dramatic, and a reminder of how, in photography, light defines and changes everything. Nowhere is this more true then when shooting architecture. All the photos from this shoot can be found here.

stair detail and pattern of light and shade at the Stephen Lawrence Trust Centre

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